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JJ Abrams & Ghostbusters


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I'm told that JJ Abrams and company are currently working on a remake of the 80s classic Ghostbusters, to be slated for release in October 2015. I can't wait! He's the perfect guy to handle a ghostbusters remake!

davros of skaro

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Who ya gonna call? Franchise wrecker!


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I think Ghostusters should be left as it is, maybe a new animated series, that's it.

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I don't understand what is up with all the reboots.  Can't writers come up with original stories??  I'm also up in arms about the remake of Robo Cop. 


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Who ya gonna call? Franchise wrecker!

I agree. Any actors they get would just be shadows of the giants who played those roles!

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It's never going to be made. Ghostbusters ran my life as a child. I have been patiently waiting for the 3rd movie for the last couple of years. Bill Murray wont do it so they have to come up with something to explain why Pete Venkman isnt around. I like the idea of the new recruits with the help of zeddemore, stantz and spengler that is currently in place. If anything, there is always the videogame that was basically the original script for GB3.

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