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Geordi and Leah


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In this book, Geordi and Leah Brahms became very good friends. Leah sort of moved in with him on the enterprise E. Wonder what happens.

Do you think they will get together?

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In the book they DO get together, that's why they move n toether. It's just not well written so you don't really get it at first. I know I didn't.

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Yea... in the "Genesis Wave" series, Brahms' husband is killed.  I don't remember if Geordi started a relationship with her in that series, but I know he was wanting to.


Also, in the episode "All Good Things", it's mentioned that Geordi and Leah have three kids together.  (Bet those kids are at the top of their classes!)


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Whether or not they start a relationship in the "Genesis" series, they weren't together at the start of this book. They do hook up mid book, but I found it to be underwhelming and unsatisfying.

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