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Cast we want to see for a new Star Trek TV series.


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What cast do we want to see in a future Star Trek TV series?

Here is my take. (the more *, the better...)


Michelle Forbes *****

Gillian Anderson *****

Lena Headey ****

Ming-Na Wen ***

Famke Janssen **

Terry Farrell *

Neve McIntosh *



Jason Isaacs *****

Idris Elba ****

Gerard Butler ***

Daniel Craig ***

Clive Owen *


Chief Science Officer:

Rebecca Hall *****

Evangeline Lilly **

Jennifer Connelly *


Chief Engineer:  I would do something different with this character... I would make him a brilliant engineer. Very "English". Have a dicipline and synthehol problem and gets into trouble a lot. Plays the guitarr and sings stupid songs ("im a barbie girl"?) over the ships com system, and gets thrown into the brig in the pilot episode. His father is an Admiral and he have daddy issues. Wants to marry a klingon woman and ride her into battle. Funny/crazy guy, but with a darker side... something like that...

Oliver Jackson-Cohen *****

James Purefoy ***

Ben Chaplin *


Chief of Security, Chief Tactical Officer, MACO/Marine Commander: 

Ben Browder *****

Chadwick Boseman ****

Sean Maguire ****

Antje Traue ****

Jesse Williams ***

Morris Chestnut ***

Wentworth Miller *

Nicolai Cleve Broch *


I would also like to see Mark Bennington reprising his adult version of "Icheb"...


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Or maybe just have Rosario Dawson and Daniel Craig as CO and XO? Those actors have been (literaly) BEGGING for years to be in Star Trek.

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