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Report this Jan. 25 2014, 11:43 am

The time has come for the public to take action when the elected official does not or can not do so. There for, the public should have it' s own rules for implementing such action when in a emergency needed. The VRC-6 (Voters Revolt Challenge of 6 diffrent specific problem from 1 issue) is when the United States Citizen does not vote in any way for that year the election are held with the support of the rest of the public, not of United States Citizen. The current example for a issue would be job. Specific: 1- rase the federal minimal wage to $10.00. 2- mandatory full time upon hiring for regular low position of 35 hours a week. 3- mandatory 401K Plan for regular workers if so uses. 4- all holidays reconize by the United States is mandatory for all organization to follow it officially the same. 5- unemployement to be yearly and extended if so needed until upon hiring is made possible. 6- all organization included the United States is to have a mandatory Union with leader in place, always. The is to be put into standard rule of Justice in no more than 6 months, upon exceptance of this or any other issue the people motion: VRC-6. This guideline is to be follow by all organization and the United States Government for this particular issue of job. It' s in the best interest of the moderate, the poor, the broke people to enforce such thing by taking self responsibility for the wealth fare of our country for now and forever more.

The Quality Of Life.

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