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The Command Uniforms were GREEN...and GOLD.


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Report this Jan. 24 2014, 12:29 pm

Sorry to resurrect old wounds and controversies as a noob so I created this thread reluctantly. 

And before someone says, "here we go again", yes, I did do a search but the old threads are closed. 

I was reading the "Kirk's shirt is GREEN" thread and not only is it locked and closed but unresolved.

Anyways, I'm no expert.  Far from it.  However I hate seeing misinformation even on something as banal as the real command color in TOS being perpetuated.

However you can find out from the websites and blogs of super fans, experts, and TOS archivists like James Cawley, and Alec Peters, who have seen first hand or even own the actual studio wardrobe pieces and they state that the early velour tunics (keyword here is velour) were in fact gold.  Go look for yourself at sites like startrekpropauthority, and startrekauction.blogspot.

These guys obsessively go to lengths to research, view, and even own the real wardrobe worn by the likes of William Shatner.  They state that the color of the first season velour command uniforms are GOLD regardless of the Theiss interview, theories of cloth material, and studio lighting.

I think the confusion and often sweeping generalizations come because the third season command uniforms made of double-knit polyester were avocado green but looked ambiguously yellowish green under different lighting conditions.

So from what the experts say, who have either handled, seen first hand, or even own studio pieces in the past few years: early velour command uniforms were gold, and later polyester double-knit command tunics were green. 

There is no dispute that Kirk's wraparound tunic was always green.


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