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Because of the Format of the war against the Xindi...


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I believe everything from when the probe attacked to the archers final defeat of the weopon at Earth I believe that because of the Release in Running format each and every one of these episodes is a running format of a single episode, that they are all 1 episode and that parts are missing.  Because I know that Part 1 is missing, The Expanse that the set is complete.  Its all junk.  I eather watch the episode or I don't.  Its likely they cut off other parts.  Its like uploading the second part of the Klingon Cival war and leaving out part one.


Defence:  But that is a lot of episodes to upload!


Reply:  Then don't leave your people hanging for 26 episodes like a dush bag.  a continuation doesn't have to be implied by P1-4 in a name, it CAN be implied by leaving the crowd hanging.  its good, but I want to watch all 26 or whatever eps in order.  I haven't bothered to count.  Anyone else agree with me?


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I agree: I haven't bothered to count either.


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Yes.  But:  DS9 was one continously running episode as well.

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