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Star Trek Mini Series


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As many of you fans know there are several Star Trek novels.  Which one do you think would make a good miniseries for television and which one is your favorite?

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Honestly I would not mind something similiar to the Invasiion series. I say similiar because now that we have Enterprise I would like see the series begin with ENT and then continue through TOS, TNG, DS9 and then end with VOY or if they wanted to do a time travel/ alternate universe crossover then they could end it with the J.J.verse. Since all the actors are getting older then maybe do it as a CGI mini series.


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I'm not much of a reader so I don't have a favorite novel series that I'd like to see, but I saw this thread a few days ago and I've contemplated it quite a bit while browsing discussions about new movie and series ideas. I think I've come up with an idea for a mini series that would be vey unique and interesting for the trek universe.

If anyone has seen the HBO mini series John Adams starring Paul Giomatti, you'll know the source of my idea. It started just before the Boston Tea Party and followed Adams throughout his life. Through declaring independence. His time as foriegn ambassador, VP, and President, and then until his death. It was 7 episodes and had a total runtime of about 8 hours. It was very interesting to focus in on one character and follow his life as it did. Of course, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, his family, etc etc all had recurring roles, but the focus was all on Adams.


My thought is that this could be carried over to the Trek universe. It could be a new character, or someone we know. My initial thoughts were the Enterprise B or C. Most likely the Captain but not necesarily. but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the Idea of Worf.


In the JJVerse (which isn't going away. all new Trek will be in it because it gives so much freedom to the writers and directors) the Klingons are largely unaffected(aside from cosmetic changes which they've go through before) by the Nero incident. They might have some upgraded ships and weapons due to their battle with the Narada, but the timeline is largely unchanged. Which means, Khitomer would still happen, and Worf potentially still be adopted by humans.


The series could start around this point. It would follow Worf as he grows, attends Starfleet acadamy. The writers at this point would have the liberty to chart an alternate path for Worf. Maybe he isn't assigned to the Enterprise. Maybe the crew is different. Maybe we focus on just his youth and the final scene he's leaving the Turbolift stepping onto the bridge being greeted by Cpt Picard. The possibilities are endless, and I'm by no means a writer so I won't even attempt it, but I thought it was a very interesting idea. I know Michael Dorn would be willing to reprise his role. He's been making an effort to do a Captain Worf series.


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A miniseries would be great!  It could be used to test the popularity and demand for a new series or new  movie.

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Wouldn't it be nice if CBS and Paramount would get together to form a bigger better where not only we can watch the various tv series but we would also be able to watch the movies and then maybe start doing original programming. They could do sixty episode series like what netflix is doing with Marvel and then maybe throw in hour and a half features every now and then.  I guess I just don't like having to wait every three or four years to see something new in Star Trek. I understand the budgets would be smaller but if it looked only as good as what you see on the Star Trek Phase 2 fan series, I would not mind as long as the stories were good.

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New Frontier Mknzy Calhoun is similar to both  kirk and Picard.


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I would enjoy seeing a Voyager miniseries. Or even a TV movie once in a while. According to the books they are back in the Delta quadrant BUT they are not lost there. They are on a mission with a small fleet of ships and Chakotay is the captain of Voyager.


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Just completed reading all the replies to my post and I would like to say thank you to each of you for taking the time to reply.  From the comments so far it sounds like a Star Trek mini series would ge a great thing for the Star Trek fans. 

The idea of a series going through the life of one of the main characters in the Star Trek universe is an outstanding idea and one I hope can get developed. The idea of using Worf in that series is a great idea especially with him being the first Klingon in star fleet.

A series featureing Calhoun really got me thinking also because I have read some of those books and I am very impressed with the writing and the host of characters on his ship.  No doubt that is another really good idea for a mini-series.

A Voyager mini-series would be ideal also especially with them being back in the Delta quadrant.  My wife and I are really looking forward to getting more into those books of that series.  Thanks to the books I have read so far I am really looking forward to them meeting up with the friends they made and possible new enemies.  I believe a mini-series about the hologram that got away would be fantastic.

It would be a really good idea for Paramount and CBS to get together.  There is so much really good material out there concerning the whole Star Trek franchise I see only win win if things are done right.

I had never thought about a mini series being a good way to judge the popularity or demand for Star Trek.  That is a really good idea and one I believe also the Star Trek execs should take seriously.  I am sure many fans out there feel the same way and would jump at the chance to watch almost any Star Trek mini-series.

Thanks once again every one for the replies.  I will checking again soon to see if there is anything else new.


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a star trek with a story instead of indvidual very down with that...but it better have action and not boring politics...oh and good ship battle scenes. space aint friendly place ya know


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The great thing about a mini-series is that you have the time to develop the fight scenes and the politics that cause all the fights!  A definite win win for all of us fans!  Besides like you said unfriendly space makes for the world's greatest special effects for science fiction movies!


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A mini-series would be a fantastic idea, considering how well franchises like Marvel & DC are doing on TV/Movies delving into their respective archives for stories/plot-lines.  People are responding well to literary adaptations because the authors took years to develop and realize their ideas.  Take Game of Thrones, the author has been working on the books for many years and has been an active member of the show's production; he created a compelling world and people can't get enough.  The production quality on Game of Thrones is amazing, I'd love to see Star Trek done with the same caliber of quality and epic scope, we know how rich and expansive the Star Trek universe is.

I think Paramount/CBS has been playing it too safe with Teen-Drama infused reboot films, now it's time to try a little more mature and serious version of Star Trek, something that has the balls to stay true to the nobel ideals of past iterations while providing a fresh take on recent global events and the insecurities of our 21st Century world.

I've been impressed by many of the fan-made productions in recent years, would be interesting to see those concepts given a chance to have a healthy budget for actors, sets and visual effects.


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