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Voyagers 29th Century


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Okay, I guess it begins with Futures End which is largly an enjoyable episode which brings to life America in the 90's and whats bad, how Star Fleet don't fit in as time travel eps always point out.  anyway, the news points out a darker side that the park food they view them eating isn't safe as the truth about food stands in the sports stadiums are unsafe.  Anyway, moving onto my point.


It goes like this, Jainway blames herself for the paradox in which she stops Braxton destroying Voyager with his shuttle.  The truth is, that if Braxton DID NOT GO there, DID NOT TRY TO DESTROY A SHIP IN HISTORY, the causility loop would NOT have happened.  The main link isn't Voyager.  Its the Time ship.  The time ship arrived from the future with a man who claims its Best if everyone just DIES.  a accident causing them to get pulled into the 1990's, where the SHUTTLE is stolen from Braxton by a madman will fly it to the future unacuratly causing the future to be destroyed.  Okay say that there is some future event in which Braxton's shuttle from 1997 appears and causes a echo of the destruction.


But all circal time anamallies have to have a point of origion like in times arrow.  What it came down to is if those aliens hadn't been time traveling to earth everything would be perfectly normal.  Somehow the Enterprise learns of this connection threw a microspopic lifeform, and they go investigate Dividia 2 where data is lost in 1870, and a accident in the case leaves a more obvous clue - Data's head.  So the new loop comes into play and the head is there is a head for Picard to send a message in static memory so Worf knows to modify his torpedo's so that the explosion doesn't have reprecussions.  Causal loop complete.  A safe loop that is sealed.  But clearly this issue would NEVER have been involved if aliens weren't feeding off Earth's ancestors.


Okay now Back to the Futures end loop.  Jainways response is by anyone who has a job to protect there people sadly to say though its a rash action.  I certainly wouldn't die because someone else says "Hey its for the best."  Okay, you can decide if its rash on your own.  Anyway, okay say they get some type of echo of the 29th century explosion and Braxton flies back in time to eliminate Voyager.  This implies that there isn't a START yet.  this means that Braxton flies back in time for some other reason than there explosion.  Perhaps Voyager DOES show up too much on time travel sensors or however monitoring is DONE.  the point is, if Braxton hadn't visited Voyager in the past, the causility loop would not exist.


Furthermore, in Relitivity when seven is recruited by the future, we get a taste of there lives and the idea how time travel is dangerous.  it makes the indivisual crazy, and it has reprussions that are disasterous.  Sounds to me that its people enjoying power that ought to NOT exist. 


Which In final what pisses me off.  Some technologies should exist and some should not.  they should have did something more to outline this truth.  Maybe get the 29th century to shut down all time travel experiments.  Truthfully it seems more like policing.  the problem is the police are going crazy.  Braxton is.


Really?  He holds a super personal grudge against people.  He doesn't use logic at all.  Pay attention to his personality.  Anyway, my conclusion is that the 29th century is fighting a war they cant hope to win with technologies that should have been banned from day 1.  Which should exist and which shouldn't?  Are they safe.  Okay a knife isn't safe, but if I'm reasonably careful with it I wont be harmed.  the USE here harms the indivisuals.  I rest my case.


Does anyone else feel this is so?


PS:  kay, Star Trek is a fictional story time-line, but I always thought of it as a way to discuss ways of life.  How it should be lived and not lived.  Right from Wrong.  I just thought ya all should know this although I enjoy the work on sculpting the time-line and well placed action as long as its a part of, but NOT the center of attention.


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