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Why Bozeman?


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I posted the question on the 'Movies' board, but I'll ask it here also since the USS Bozeman was in a ST-NG episode?

It was mentioned on this website of why April 5th was chosen in First Contact for warp drive being created(because of a son's birthday)...but I would like to know why they chose Bozeman, Montana as a setting AND why it is the name of a Star Ship in a ST-NG episde.  I got my degree at Montana State University (Bozeman). MSU is a great engineering/ag university, but Bozeman is a rather small community and a rather obscure town. Why Bozeman? There's gotta be a reason.

Side note:  I went to college with John Bozeman in the late 70's, Great Great (another great?) grandson of THE John Bozeman the frontiersman who founded Bozeman, MT...I know, I know...who cares.


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I think it is because Bozeman has a great engineering school and because it's less populace than a larger place like New York City.

Wikipedia says Brannon Braga was from Bozeman, so that was probably a major determining factor!,_Montana


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