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USS Cadecus: MASH


GROUP: Members


Report this Jan. 14 2014, 2:06 pm

Sim Name USS Cadecus: MASH
Group: Federation Sim Fleet -
Fleet: Alpha Fleet –
Host(s): GM1 FSF Esrom –
Sim Website:

Sim Type: AIM Chat Sim,

Sim Location: USSCadecus

Sim Time: Fridays from 8 PM ET to 9 PM ET



USS Cadecus: M*A*S*H - Aim Chat Based Sim - Friday 8m EST
The USS Cadecus is a medical based sim based in the Star Trek Genre.

The Cadecus and her crew are ready to be called to provide medical and humanitarian aid at a moments notice.  With several medical bays, treatment areas and the ability to assist in all types of care. Whether it is traumatic injuries or Obstetrics, treating wounds or providing food and shelter to those in devastated areas, The Cadecus is there to help. Even in war torn areas a special ParaRescue Jumper unit made up of a team of Marine Medics trained in Search and Rescue are there to provide immediate care and extraction to safety.
Doctors, Interns, Orderlies and Nurses work together to provide care for any and all souls that are brought in for treatment.

The USS Cadecus is currently providing Battlefield support, treating the wounded and evacuating persons from ships that have been fatally damaged.

The USS Cadecus is always looking for member to join our ranks and positions are open in all areas.

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