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Voyage has been my favorite series so far, just because I love watching the crew grow and delvelop friendships, realtionships and charachter. But I have a lot of unanswered questions.

Since janeway changed time what really happened once they got back to the alpha quadrant?

What happened to seven of nine? How did she learn to live in a society so differnt than that of voyager and borg? I thought she would have had a lot of roblems with prople wanting to learn more about her being as she is the only former borg.

What happened to the doctor?

Was tuvok able to be saved because he was able to get to the alpha quadrant soon enough?

Waht happened to Chakotay and the other members of the maquis when they returned to the alpha quadrant?


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Okay I am answering your questions starting at the top and working my way down and numbering answers adjacent to your questions.


1) They never explored it in TV or movie, but a Christie Goldin wrote a book about they called Homecoming and the Farthershore.  Also 2 popular Voyager series have taken off one of them about continuing the adventures if they hadn't gotten home, and a series of books about how after Voyager returns with a fleet to the Delta Quadrent.  While Christie's books is a good, I find the story plot in the Delta Quadrent B rated.


2) Again your best option is to read Christie Golden's books.  I find that she provided the clostes answer your going to get.


3) Again Christie Golden's books.  Now the doctor was used after that in a book called Captains Blood by William Shatner [besides the fact he was trying to put his charachter in the center of the universe], but I think his use was more to make fun of the doctor.  After all the doctor is defeating Bones in several poles.  I also find that people are moving slowly away from the OS as I have though a number of old timers hold on to tight I find a number of OS eps B rated, and mostly gun happy or about Kirk getting the next woman to his collection.


4) Answer is provided in Christie Golden's books.


5) Again Christie Golden's books is where you want to go.


I hope its helpful to you, I know I kept refuring those 2 books, but those two books focus on the answers to your questions the most.  There good reads about 400 pages each.

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