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Star Trek Elite Force 1 Game

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Following on from the Rygg post ( to which i cant seem to reply to, shouting out to all the clans, players etc who frequented the gaming servers and comps around the world early 2000's.

I was from an Aussie clan called [AvA] - Aussie virtual Assassins (i was [AvA]Peace) which was headed up by [AvA]Mango. Other team mates from memory, [AvA]SOB, [AvA]Peekapoo, [AvA]McFly, [AvA]Andilizer, [AvA]Pornstar, crap i cant remember any others at this time..

This was a fantastic game in terms of online multiplayer (though much less popular than Q3 which it's engine was based on) and the smaller community i think gave it a different feel. Was totally addicted to it for a long time hosting a private server for some time. Have very fond memories from this time.

Rygg mentions, (X), (SEA), [TS] and (TBR) with which we had some real close and heated matches even over the laggy long distance link and am proud to say we held our own.. I remember labrat, ohmz, bonzaibunny whom are mentioned on the post but there were any others..

CTF_VOY2 was a favourite, CTF_VOY1, CTF_spyglass, CTF_geothermal, CTF_spyglass2 were good too from memory.. There were some great custom designed ones too which i cant remember.

Would love to hear from anyone around at this time.. Was looking for some in-match game clips but to no avail..




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I wished I had played the multiplayer, but by the time I got the game online was dead...much like these boards...

However, Elite Force remains one of my favorite FPS single player games.

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