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Real Tri-Corder


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22123magic's Star Trek Games! Check it out!


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Yea, this was announced a while back, but is in the news again since it's CES time.  Still kewl and just another step in our technological evolution.


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That will be another great idea fostered by Star Trek that can reap real-life benefits.  Great job!  Thank you for sharing!

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The Tri-Corder should be able to be used to determine what type of ailment a person has ranging from what type of cold to a broken ankle given the fact that for each ailment even a cold which is a different virus everytime that the heart would emit a different electrical frequency based off of what ails the person.

A variety of colds would each create their own electromagnetic field in the heart as the heart pumped blood through the body fighting the cold. Another EM field would be created in the heart for a broken leg, EM fields that could be catalogued and then inserted into the Tri-Corder where the EM Field reading taken would then access the data base through a connection similar to Wi-Fi to then inform the Tri-Corder user of the ailment.

Please state the nature of the medical emergency.....I'm a holo-gram not a holo-pimp-for-rent...really that necessary?

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