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What are you top 5 episodes?


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Mine are


1. Far Beyond The Stars (DS9)

2. Year of Hell Parts 1 & 2 (VOY)

3. Dark Frontier (VOY)

4. Waltz (DS9)

5. The Siege of AR - 558 (DS9)


Clearly my favorite series are DS9 and Voyager. But with it being a smaller number, and there being over 700 episodes to choose from, these would be my absolute favorite episodes of Star Trek.



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1.Trials and Tribble-ations (DS9)

2.Message in a Bottle (VOY)

3. Trouble with Tribbles (TOS)

4. Hide and Q (TNG)

5.The Measure of a Man (TNG)


6. (if that counts) Endgame (VOY)


*Hint* I like any tribble, Q, or Borg episode. 

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1. The best of both worlds, parts 1&2  (TNG)

2.  A fistful of datas (TNG)

3. Q2 (VOY)

4. Balance of Terror (TOS)

5. In a mirror, darkly (ENT)

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Oh yeah, QuantumMath, Q2 was pretty good, too.

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Tough question! So many good episodes to choose from. I'll probably come up with different answers later, but here is what comes to mind tonight.


Best of Both Worlds (TNG)

Its Only A Paper Moon (DS9)

Take Me Out the Holosuite (DS9)

In a Mirror, Darkly (ENT)

Balance of Terror (TOS)


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Oh, god! My top 5 episodes. That is hard.

1. TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever" - I know this is what everyone says and I'm just part of the herd by saying it, but I honestly do love it to death. I think this episode succeeds in both comedy and drama. I dig Kirk-Spock-McCoy triad centric stuff. I dig Kirk and Edith as a couple (the relationship was kind of sweet and genuine). I dig time travel in general. It's just one of my favourites.
2. TOS: "Space Seed" - Again, I feel like this is kind of obvious. While is may not be #2 for most people, it is a fairly popular and cited episode. Ricardo Montalban is great as Khan and I like the character's complexity. He's not your typical dictator and, though he clearly views himself as superior, he doesn't seem to have a disregard or disdain for the "inferior" parts of humanity, the way Hitler and Stalin did. We often see characters go forward or back in time, this time we got to see a character come to the present (i.e. 2266) which is neat. The episode's just neat.
3. TNG: "Redemption Part 1 and 2" - I was surprised when I wrote this down, but I always end up rewatching this one. "Best of Both Worlds"I love to death as well, and would probably be in the 6-8 area on my list. TNG did some really good cliff hangers, this is one, and Klingon stuff in TNG and DS9 was always fun.
4. DS9: "The Visitor" - Being an aspiring writer myself, a part of me always identified with Jake and for whatever reason, father-son stuff in fiction just gets me. Alternate timeline stuff in Star Trek basically goes one way or the other. Either I love it or I hate it. It works or it doesn't, this one has just always been a favourite.
5. TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" - This one's obvious. It's just a lot of fun. This is without a doubt the best mirror universe episode (although I also loved ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly"). It's neat to explore characters in a universe where everything is thrown upside down. It's campy and contrived as all get out, but I like it.

There are heaps more TOS, TNG, DS9 and even a few VOY episodes that I really love and wish I could put on the list. My list is always subject to change based on what I've watched recently and the mood I'm in, though #1 tends to stay in the top 3.


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Wow these are all both great and diverse lists! And yeah I when I began the thread I thought about making it a larger number, but I enjoyed the challenge of making it only 5. Because as fans, or at least for myself, I love so many episodes that it can sometimes be hard to tell which ones I really love the most. With only getting to choose 5 episodes, it really forces you to think about it, and discover which episodes are really your ultimate favorites. And the best part is, there's no right or wrong answer to the question. And I don't think you can pick a bad episode of Star Trek for your list whether it's a small list or even a top 50 or top 100 list. Because I don't think there are any bad episodes of Star Trek.


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Because I don't think there are any bad episodes of Star Trek. 




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1. The Measure of A Man (TNG)

2. Parallels (TNG)

3. Year of Hell (VOY)

4. In the Pale Moonlight (DS9)

5. Sacrifice of Angels (DS9)



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Parallels is my favorite TNG episode. But I've never seen anyone else put that episode into any kind of list before. That's awesome!


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1.) Balance of Terror (TOS)

2.) Chain of Command 1 & 2 (TNG)

3.) In the Pale Moonlight (DS9)

4.) Equinox 1 & 2 (Voy)

5.) In A Mirror, Darkly 1 & 2 (Ent)


Many, many more episodes of equal quality. I just decided to pick these ones.


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1.The best of both worlds (tng)

2.endgame (voy)

3.the measure of a man(tng)


5.Mudds Women (tos)


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