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Who was the best Vulcan?

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Personally, I say Spock. He's a classic.

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I won't vote.  I think each actor/actress did the species proud.

Nimoy: classic Vulcan (he "made" Vulcans Vulcan)

Russ: stuck out there in the Delta Quadrant, I thought his Vulcan-ess suited the Plot plus he was fun to watch.  Clearly he studied Nimoy's mannerisms as Spock, because his eyebrow raises and miffed (for a Vulcan) expressions were always deadpan funny.

Blalock: I loved her austerness in spite of her ultra sexiness, she was freakin' hot. Despite Trip getting with her, which I hated, I always found her one of the most interesting characters on the NX-01.

(now my disclaimer: I am a fan of all things Vulcan, Romulan and Klingon ...)

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