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Aurelius Fleet Now Open For Recruits!

Aurelius Fleet

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Aurelius Fleet is an on-line text based role play forum. We are primarily Star Trek fan based. We incorporate both the original universe that was created by Gene Roddenberry as well as JJ Abrams' adaptation in the alternate universe.

We have one brand new ship that has been launched and is in need of people who love to use thier imagination and love of Star Trek to make her really take off. Do you have what it takes?

Join Today!

It is free to join for anyone over the age of 13! We encourage growth and friendship as well as creativity and uniqueness. We are open to all walks of life and provide a safe forum.

Aurelius Fleet -Star Trek RPG-


GROUP: Members


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Well, I applied and as of yet, no one has replied to me.  Must be nice to have all the writers you need.  Have fun.

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