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Surprised about how it good it is

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I just starting watching Star Trek for the first time ever. Of course I knew, that set designs and props would be bad. They always are in old sci-fi. But the stories are most of the time pretty great, charming and fun.

I actually did have low expectations to The Original Series, but I was wrong

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The props and set designs are pretty terrific. Without those classic designs none of the spinoffs would have had anything to build off of. The layout of the Enterprise bridge is iconic, as are the uniforms and the original Enterprise itself -- the smaller props, like the communicators and tricorders, have an elegance and simplicity that the newer shows can't match.

I'm glad you're enjoying the show. It certainly is a lot of fun, if you give it a chance. Just don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that just because it's old, it's automatically inferior -- whether you're thinking of the writing or the production design. A lot of the design work on TOS was very innovative and influential, and miles ahead of anything that had come before.

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I have nothing against old films. About 400 of my own films are from before 1970. You just have to get used to weapons, that clearly looks like cardboard and monsters, that looks like large pizzaes(the Horta)


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I am so happy hearing about new people discovering TOS for the first time.  It is indeep the stories that are wonderful.  They reflect the times. Next is the friendships that build one episode at a time. It becomes a brotherhood, they become family.  The concept that we humans actually survived to go into space is a dream come true. Just how did we do it?  Looking at today's world it is amazing.


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