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USS Hornet - Epsilon Fleet (FSF)


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Group: Federation Sim Fleet
Fleet: Epsilon Fleet
Hosts: FSF Bastetovski & FSF Merlin
Sim Website:
Sim Type: Play by Message Board
Sim Location:
Open Positions: Chief Science Officer, Chief of Intelligence, Helmsman, All Assistant Positions, New Players Welcomed!

It is the year 2372. The USS Hornet, one of Starfleet's few remaining Ambassador-class starships, is in space dock, undergoing the final phases of an extensive refit as it's crew begin trickling aboard. Pride of the fleet just four decades ago, the Ambassador line of vessels has since been out-shined by the Galaxy, Akira, and upcoming Sovereign lines. The Hornet may seem to be a relic amongst the hot rods of the fleet, but there is always something to be said about the reliability of those that have come before.

While several of the Hornet's systems wait to be swapped out, it's already been tasked with it's next mission. Coincidental to it's namesake, the Hornet will be heading to the Klingon capital world, Qo'nos, to transport Klingon Ambassador D'gohr safely to a mediation of feuding houses. The debate is but a simple matter: Who will be chosen to lead the Klingon High Council and the entire Empire.

A simple transport mission to serve as a simple shakedown. But when Klingons are involved, things are usually anything except simple. Will the new crew be up to the unexpected challenges that await? Does the Hornet still have enough sting left to remain relevant? We invite you to accept the challenge and come find out personally.

The USS Hornet simulation is led by FSF Bastetovski as her newly appointed Captain and FSF Merlin, former Captain and current Executive Officer. The Hornet boasts a legacy of running for over seven years and would be honored to have you help contributing to it's success for the years to come.

Please visit the USS Hornet's website at if you'd like to join or find out more information! If you have any questions about the simulation, please feel free to e-mail either FSF Bastetovski or FSF Merlin by clicking on their names above.

Fleet Executive Officer, Epsilon Fleet (FSF)

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