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Into Darkness

Friar Tuck12

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Great action movie and spectacular special effects - BUT WHAT AN UNORIGINAL STORYLINE.

How can anyone spoil the Star Trek timeline so literally.

Characteur assasination of the first class kind.  

Taking bits of this episode and pieces of that. mixing them together and getting WHAT? - "scrambled eggs".

Please can someone take the story writers and force them to read the charactuer biographies and series timeline.  Do they conceive some sort of pleasure from making nonsence of what was written in the past.

I enjoyed the movie, but it was not Star Trek.


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I totally agree in that the actors, special effects, etc. were awesome, but the story was terrible. Not to mention there was no reason to throw the Klingons  in there, but they did anyway.

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I actually disagree about the story, dont get me wrong I was against the idea of rehashing khan but i thought the story was very clever. Rather than ruining the timeline, they actually restored it.
Let's look at the set up from 2009:

1. Nero's incursion confronts an unprepared and technologically inferior starfleet. As a result by STID, starfleet has become paranoid and desperate to meet new threats. Hence it is clearly implied that section 31 has essentially corrupted starfleet from within and in the new timeline marcus rather than the enterprise find khan. Now what is clever is that rather than being the central villain, khan is really just a pawn of starfleet who according to the great lines is being "exploited for his savagery" and "is an uncivilised mind for a civilised time." Khan is really in the movie to show how starfleet has been taken off track and that humanity always has the potential to be savage - a theme common to some of trek's best episodes and thus very trek. What is also clever is that this whole situation makes kirk and co. consider what starfleet actually stands for and by the end of the movie, starfleet is restored to its original mandate, to explore strange new worlds etc.

2. Nero's incursion via attacking the Kelvin also fundamentally affects Kirk's character and trajectory to the point that by STID it is clear that while they like each other, Kirk and Spock dont understand one another; their friendship has not developed the way it should have. Now the genius of flipping the death scene is that this shows how they now understand each other. While in TWOK the sacrifice is used to epitomise the strength of the bond between the two characters late in their friendship, in STID it is used to cement and define their friendship as it is now beginning. Again, I thought this was a clever recasting of the story that ushers in our Kirk and Spock and while 'echoing' the old timeline, cleverly restores it.

Now sure there were some lame moments (khaaaan for example), but fundamentally i think STID has a very clever story that basically restores the Kirk-Spock relationship and puts starfleet back on track. I do prefer it to 2009 as to me it felt more Trek in tone. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Just putting out another view for you to consider.

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