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I have been playing STO for quite a while but allot over the holidays. I keep receiving invites join this fleet or that fleet. 
What goes on inside the group?


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It really depends on the fleet you join.  Some fleets are just a group of people that do nothing together to fully integrated fleets that plan events, help each other out, etc.  Most fleets are pretty small, but some fleets are very large (500 people max.)  Some fleets even do extensive Role Playing (RP) that some people like.  All fleets have assets, but it depends on how involved people are that determines which assets they've earned.

Before joining a fleet, I suggest that you figure out what you want in a fleet.  Then, talk to different fleets to figure out which one best suits you.  When I talk to people who ask about joining the small fleet I'm in, I want the person to be happy in the fleet they chose - if it's in mine or another.


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Bam Bam is right, know what you want. Myself, I waited a long time and decided I just wanted to join so I could get a fleet ship, as a way to not have to buy one. Told the guy who recruited me into the 76th Fleet that that is all I really wanted and it was no big deal. I still contribute to the fleet for projects and such and the fleet doesn't seem to be too big since everytime I am on I've only seen like a max of 4 people at a time, though its usually just me. Otherwise it is OK. The best part is I don't have to get all those unsolicited fleet invites anymore.

PS: I don't have my fleet ship yet because I only joined about a month ago and I'm still saving up the Dilithium for the modules. However since I knew what I needed I joined the fleet and made the Captain rank (which is the rank you need to buy fleet stuff in this fleet) in a day. All thanks to being sure I was ready to commit.

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Im in the KHG (Klingon Honor Guard?)Fleet. The emblem has the Klingon Empire logo. My character is not klingon and im assuming everyone else in the fleet isnt either because we all have federation ships. Personally i have no idea whats going on with the fleet. I got asked to join when i started playing last year and there really isnt any contact between the members. I have contributed things but it hasent gotten any recognition. I may try to back out , thank those who let me join and go my own way.

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