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Time Convergence Theory


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A comparission between the black hole, human eye and other event horizon phenomenom.

It is often times theorized about what takes place at the center of black hole. Since no one has ever been to the center of a black hole we can only theorize what might take. In order to provide a base to study we can look at five other phenomenom in the Universe that are similar to the Black Hole.

A black hole is the most destructive force known to exist in the history of creation. Not even light can escape its gravitational forces being lost forever, or so one might think. Before we begin the comparision
we need to create a criteria for the comparision in order to develop a linear model of association.

A value of 1 creates an up value of wavelength with 2 creating a down value of a wavelength where the equilibrium would represent the center of the phenomenom of either being destructive (D) neutral (N) or calm and not causing destruction or absorbant (A).

A black hole comes from a Sun that once provided life to its surrounding environment as well as causing death because of its radiation and after the sun collapsed into a blackhole still more death, yet life.

This would give the black hole a 1/2/2/1-D value
A tornado is very destructive force and since it comes from the Earth it would  have a 2/1-N value.
A waterspout is the water based variant of the tornado and would have the same value of 2/1-N.
A cyclone is similar to hurricane and is the largest phenomenom Earth that is comporable to a black hole
because of its massive size and would also have a 2/1-N value.
The whirlpool is basically a smaller version of the hurricane and black hole and more so like the black hole because it captures all available matter within its watery tendril and would therefore have a value of 2/2-D
The human eye is non destructive as it only absorbs light and would therefore receive a 1/1-A value because of the ability of the human eye to absorb the light it intakes and then create using such light.

Now that the linear model of association has been created lets tie all of these phenomenom together to at least theoretically prove that a black hole does in fact have a funnel or tunnel that matters passes into.

A black hole captures all matter within its gravitational tendrils including all forms of light where it is theorized that very powerful radiation is then ejected back into the Universe that is just as destructive.

The tornado, waterspout and cyclone have very destructive exterior tendrils that create excessive damage yet renew life in its wake.

The whirpool like the black hole consumes all that is around it but does not have any life renewing values as everything that drawn into the whirpool is consumed to the bottom of it. The whirpool can be considered more destructive than a blackhole because it does not provide a renewable source of energy just death.

The human eye is much like the blackhole in that it takes in all available light from its surroundings while having the ability to block out the more harmful radiation that is not given off by objects. The human eye linked to the brain when consuming all light around it then has the sentient ability to process the information and then through creation develop and evolve into a thinking and logical creature capable of many great and deadly things.

The two similarities between all of these phenoms is that they have an event horizon through all light, some light, all matter or not matter at all falls into. At the center of the tornado, cyclone and water spout the interior is a calm as a sunny day. Inside the center of a blackhole and whirpool the interior is awesomely destructive. Inside the center of the eye the interior is awesomely creative.

The second similarity is that in the case of the tornado, cyclone, water spout, whirpool and human eye once that you cross the event horizon you have various forms of funnels or tunnels where information is passed through until the information comes to a focal point at the very tip of the event horizon which is comprised of various lengths. For the tornado, waterspout ,cyclone and the whirpool the funnel could be a few hundred feet in length to a mile or more as it reaches into the clouds above or the rock bed of a river or ocean below. The human eye has a tunnel that is a few inches long that goes into the brain where the light is processed and then converted into images.

The black hole however is still a mystery as what happens when matter crosses over the event horizon. But more importantly does a black hole have a funnel to another location in space? Given the above six phenomena all have very similar traits such as an event horizon through which something passed into or can be passed into and that we are born of the Universe that the black hole would also have a funnel or tunnel through which information passes and like the eye converted into other forms of energy. One theory could be that when a singularity is formed at the immediate point of solar collapse that the singularity being so small and dense and under so much pressure because like a small round pellet inside of a balloon that when pressure is applied to it the singularity would pass through the weakest point of its own sun thus causing the force of the sun to hurl it across the galaxy at speeds faster than the speed of light. As the singularity is forced from the sun the matter that is escaping with it is caught in its gravitational pull and travels at the same velocity of the singularity. As matter is pulled into the black hole it is added to the mass of the singularity thus causing the singularity to build mass as it travels the Universe at nearly the speed of infinity with matter being added to the singularity at near the speed of infinity. Then for whatever reason either divine or nature the singularity encounters another force that causes the singularity to suddenly explode releasing its stored mass of energy in a Big Bang thus creating the process of life some other place in the Universe. Once the singularity has reaced its critical mass and exploded the black hole at the other will simply cease to exist and any material caught near it but had not been destroyed will settle into a steadily outwardly expanding ring of dust and particles.

But one thing that remains certain is that a black hole does indeed have a funnel because of the above five phenoms having a funnel or tunnel through which information is passed or passed into then the black hole will also have a funnel or tunnel of varrying length that information passes through until the information comes to a point of covergence and is then converted into something new.

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The next two similarities that exist are between the Black Hole and the Human Eye.

Both take in either all of the light around it or absorb only a certain frequency of light but in both cases the black hole and human eye store the information in a central location. For the blackhole it is unknown where the information is stored but most likely in a sub-quantum realm or plane otherwise we would see the information that it has amassed in the form of increased energetic emittance or just like a balloon that when filled to its capacity will rupture releasing all of the water stored within it.

The human eye stored all available light inside the brain where the light is analyzed and then through sentient processes the light is transferred back through the body through the hands and into a new reality of being.

Since both the black hole and human eye have this dual similarity it can be theorized that the black hole will function in the same manner where it takes in all information, analyzes it and then transfers the new construct back into the Universe in a new location.

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Have you found the source for dark matter

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Dark Matter....dark matter could possibly be the mass of what a black hole consumes and then converts into dark matter. If dark matter is not the placenta of the Universe after the Big Bang occured then the only other exotic celestial body possible of creating dark matter would be a black hole because of the immense gravitational forces present.

I would think of the process of a black hole creating dark matter like the engine in a car. The gas is put in which is the matter that is consumed by the engine where it is first converted into useable energy where the left over material is then exhaust or dark matter where some of the exhaust is sent a long way from the black hole while some of the exhaust remains close to the exhaust pipe.

Its really relative if you think about it because along with the above natural phenom that are similar to a black hole the engine in a vehicle also resembles a black hole where information is placed into the engine where the engine stores some of the information within the engine as carbon while the excess is directed through the exhaust system of the blackhole to a distance greater than the initial distance that the combustion takes place within the engine.

Quite simple to be honest.

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