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Just finished "Peaceable Kingdoms"...


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Report this Dec. 30 2013, 3:48 pm

It was quite a good ending to "The Fall" series. There was enough going on to keep the book moving and enough story to keep you guessing for a bit, although near the end it became a matter of wrapping it all up. The book wraps up most of the storylines from the series, although there are a few loose ends that have follow up in books coming up in 2014. I'm excited for the follow up Titan story in February's enovella (hope it doesn't cost too much) and I'm not sure when the next Enterprise-E adventure is due, but I'm excited to read it. The timeframe in the novel is a little mushy given the stuff from the last book, but that could be because there were 5 authors writing 5 different books about the same time, so I'll go with it. Overall, a pretty good book and a satisfying conclusion to the series. 

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