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At the end of the episode, when Data leaves the transporter and hands the disrupter to Riker, Riker says "Mr Obrian says the weapon was in a state of discharge" to which Data replies "Perhaps something occurred during transport Commander." many people say Data was lying. I say he was not. 

Riker didn't ask Data anything. It wasn't a question. He stated a fact. He states "Mr Obrian says the weapon was in a state of discharge" with the unspoken question being "why?" or "did you shoot it?", Data replied to the statement, not the unspoken question. If Riker had actually asked the unspoken question Data would have given a forthright answer. Riker actually gave Data an 'out' by merely stating the facts before him instead of flat out asking him 


How does everyone else feel about this?



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Lt. Cmd. Data does not lie often. It takes great lenghts to make Data lie. For example, in one episode, Capt. Picard gave an order to Data not to say anything that happened, Picard then wiped his memory. Data did not reveal what happened, even with the threat of deactivation. Data will do what he is told. He would have answered truthfully.

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