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Assault Phaser paint scratches


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Report this Dec. 30 2013, 7:17 am

I'm a new member and need help with a Master Replicas Assault Phaser with paint scratches.

 The Assault Phaser has numerous superficial scratches covering about one square inch located on the two front vents on the left side of the metal body. The scratches come from constant rubbing against fabric material.

 Can anyone suggest a way to paint over the scratches so the Assaukt Phaer looks brand new without having an ugly and obvious "paint patch" over the scratched area?

 I was thinking about using Tamiya or Testors flat black acrlyic paint, but I'm not sure these paints are an exact match for the original flat black paint. Also, I'm not sure how to apply the paint (spray can, airbrush or dabbing it on with small sponge applicators).

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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