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USS Ronald Reagan: All Hands On


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We all begin as something. We have, whether we know it or not, a creative drive within us. It is human nature. In some manner or another, we create things. In most cases of those visiting and looking around, we have a strong desire to create story lines that involve and revolve around Star Trek. To that end, we create simulation games that we can be the captain of a starship, fly to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. We want to explore, we want to fight things that would threaten our lives. It's who we are.

In many regards, that drive causes us to seek out those who think like us. Again, it's human nature. Many band together to form fleets of personnel who write legions of stories wherein we are the moving cogs that define the next chapter in Star Trek lore. The USS Ronald Reagan is just such a place.

The USS Ronald Reagan is recruiting for most all positions within its halls. As an Insignia Class starship, and a flagship of Omicron Fleet, the Ronald Reagan begins its historic journey in defense and support of the federation. We are looking for bright excellent writers to help us to make history. We have an original Nova look, one that no one on the internet has besides us. Our unique look helps us to stand out above everyone else. But standing out begins with the crew... you.

Visit us at our home. Look around and apply for a position.


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We have a new Executive Officer, and are looking for more players as most of our Department Head positions are open. Visit us at to apply.

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