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earth microbes may have been blown to other worlds


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The Space Guard Centre in the UK says some impact materials from Earth may have sent our organisms to nearby planets and moons!  Wouldn't that be strange:  finding dinosaur DNA from Earth on Mars or Titan?

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Its possible Miklamar seeing how the asteroid that collided with Earth would have sent plant and life DNA patterns into space as asteroid ejecta that is now floating somewhere in the Universe.

Since the impact took place hundreds of millions of years ago if those ejecta life carrying fragments of the collision fiund their way to planet that is capable of sustaining life then quite possibly life has begun on other planets.

When we discover the first planet that is capable of sustaining life a line needs to be drawn from the planet back to Earth where the between the asteroid the Earth took place that when compared to the distance between the planet and Earth along with the velocity of ejected life carrying material could decide if life from Earth has seeded on the newly discovered planet. Another factor that has to be taken into consideration is the rotation of the impact point on Earth compared to the direction of alignment with the habitable planet. If both are aligned to within a 5 degree zone that a chunk of matter from Earth could be theorized to have made it to the planet.

Remember that the farther that we travel away from Earth the angle of interaction will increase.

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