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Brightness issue


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Report this Dec. 25 2013, 4:00 pm

Hey, people! ^_^

I'm an 'STO-er', too! But, unfortunately, I'm quite a mess at settings... Especially with my brand-new Asus notebook's GeForce nVidia and i7.

Speaking of which, wanna see what I have, please? ^_^ You'd be of *great* help to me *and* to my 8 years-old niece - for whom I created this STO account, in the first place! -, namely 1 year ago.


P.S. Please, help me, so that I won't get the same ultra-bright effects and all-white screens! Please...


N.B. In-game handler: @thetraveler82


Thank you, in advance!


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Report this Feb. 01 2014, 11:36 pm

Not sure if you have found a solution yet, I have an ASUS as well with intel i5. Had no issues with brightness with mine. You may have to adjust the PC screen settings if the in-game ones are not helping.

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