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Orion Nebula and Oxygen Particles


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PASADENA, Calif. – The Herschel Space Observatory's large telescope and state-of-the-art infrared detectors have provided the first confirmed finding of oxygen molecules in space. The molecules were discovered in the Orion star-forming complex.

News Brief / Live Wires - Feburary 2013 Popular Mechanics page 20

In 2010 scientists discovered an electric current running along  the ocean floor. The phenomenon is now less mysterious : Scientists at the University of Southern California and in Denmark determining that bacteria form a living electrical cable. Filaments of the bacterium Desulfobulbus chain together and transport electrons. The bacteria complete the circuit by joining the energy given off by oxygen rich layers at the top of the seafloor with the decomposing organic matter deep in the sediment - Alex Hutchinson.

It could be possible that space borne bacteria would be present in the Orion Nebual where they would function in much the same manner as the bacterium Desulfobulbus creating a living electrical cable between each cell where the cells would collect the available oxygen converting the oxygen into useable energy.

One thing I have become aware of is that there is a single Universal Constant that exists. If something like the bacterium Desulfobulbus exists on Earth then it will have an ancestrial space based form as well. This can be proven to be true because all of life comes into being from the Big Bang and will have developed along the Universal Tree Ring. The Universe is not a reflection of life but life is a reflection of the Universe and if such a process exists on Earth...well it will have had its beginnings in space before our bodies took form.


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Have you heard of the theory that 2 universes may have bumped into each other and spawned a third cosmos? I like that idea because thinking of just a single universe is so boring. Surely since we know of one universe there are good odds that other(s) exist.

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Never heard of Theory 2, sounds like a good title for a sci-fi movie.

Imagine if two Universal Centers collided together.

I would have to agree that more than one Universe exists as well. Just like the spark of creation inside the womb of a female the process first begins by seperating the cells into other cells where the continuation of Creation...continues.

Basically when the very first....who can say for certain that there is a very first time for creation as thinking so evokes paradox....but for this discussion I will de-evolve into a first time for everything thought pattern.

When the very first seperation of the entire Universe took place before the Big Bang (s) appeared the processes would have split into smaller sub-quantum reactions just like the egg splits into other cells after fertilization takes place. Each of the sub-quantum reactions being a component that would eventually become a singular Big Bang then splits several more times until each sub-quantum reaction is ready to become a Big Bang and then explodes into being.

If you think about it on a Universal scale each cell that is dividing during the process of the egg being fertilized would become its own Universe carrying the DNA encoding for life with it.

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