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The Dominion War - When Did it REALLY Start?


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Not to split hairs, but I'm bothered by something in Season 5.  In episode By Inferno's Light, episode 15, the Bashir-Changeling attempts to destroy the Bajoran sun and the combined Federation, Klingon, and Romulan fleets with it.  He is of course stopped.  Clearly an act of war on the part of the Dominion.  Yet the Dominion War is not considered to have actually begun until much later.  In particular, in the later season 5 episode, Blaze of Glory, the DS9 crew is desperately trying to stop Maquis missiles from hitting Cardassia because of the "war" that would result.  I don't understand why the Federation didn't declare war following the Dominion's attempted genocide of Bajor DS9, and the fleets in By Inferno's Light.  Thoughts?


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I'd say the "war" started at the end of season 2 - last episode.  Yea, there wasn't a massive battle, but that's when I'd say it began.  The Dominion even destroyed the Odyssey.  This is also why Sisko brought back the Defiant with a cloaking device.


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It was a cold war for a few seasons. Most of the time the good guys were trying to find ways to avoid a fight. Full-scale war wouldn't have worked out so well for the Dominion anyway, since they'd have had to travel through the wormhole -- neither side would have been able to do much of anything, come to think of it. The Dominion, meanwhile, were trying to turn the Klingons and Federation against each other and destabilize the Alpha Quadrant so that the eventual war would be easier to win.

So the official war really didn't begin until "Call to Arms" at the end of Season 6.


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Thanks for the replies.  I guess I just think the Federation was a bit naive in not declaring war and going on the offensive after the Bashir-changeling episode; clearly the Dominion committed an act of attempted genocide.  I found their earlier complacency, during the "cold war" understandable, but after the Dominion showed what they were willing and capable of doing it seemed odd the Federation stood idly by and allowed the Dominion-Cardassian alliance to strengthen.  They would have been completely justified in taking the war into the Gamma quadrant, but I suppose that kind of aggression may have been contrary to Federation philosophy.


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At stardate 50000 were when in "Inferno's Light" obviously the war started. It was official when in the arc ep. 6.01 - 6.06 the Cardassians tried to reconquer the station.


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the dominion war arc started season 6


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Think of seasons 3-5 as a kind of lead up to the official declaration of war (much as we see throughout history. Example: Although the second world war didn't start until 1939, tensions were building between Germany and England particularly throughout the '30s.) That's the point we're at when Purgatory/Inferno two-parter happens: relations are highly tense between the Dominion and the Federation. The Dominion is positioning itself within the Alpha Quadrant. Both sides are doing whatever they can to sabotage the other. But the Federation is still working hard to prevent a war.

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And, the Cardassian government changed.  I think the democratic government secretly aligned itself with the Dominion, to make itself stronger, then Gul Dukat seized control and openly allied with them.  Garak's dad led a force of Cardassians and Romulans against the Dominion, though they were annihilated.  So, there were some Byzantine maneuverings in the Cardassian halls of power that complicated matters.

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