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Need help with vintage Star Trek Photos


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Report this Dec. 18 2013, 1:29 pm

Anyone an authority on Vintage Star Trek conventions out there?

I am an auctioneer from Missouri and I am lotting out a collection of vintage Star Trek photos. I have a lot that has contradictory information on it and I want to be sure I get the date correct. 

The photos are from Star Trek photographer Jeff Maynard and the albums are of photos he took as the official photographer of various Trek conventions. The album in question has been labeled with an orange plastic label 1975 ISTC Book 2, above the label someone wrote Jan in blue ink and then Feb is written over that. 

I got the photos from Angelique Trouvere and she has a note on the album that says "BTW - This is not the "International Star Trek Convention"- ISTC, ISTC was in Jan. 1975"

I'm thinking the pictures are in fact from ISTC 1975 and were originally labeled correctly. I am selling these and other photos (many with the negatives) in an online auction ending on Jan. 1. 

I have placed copies of these pic tures on Any help would be appreciated.

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