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mr. spock chess


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are there any sights devoted to the playing of mr spock chess?


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What is "Mr. Spock chess"?  Are you talking about Tri-Dimensional Chess?



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I haven't seen any, but there used to be some freeware program or other for it.


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I'm developing a 3 D Chess game for the Androids platform.  It's based on the game board from the original Star Trek series, and follows the rules outlined in Andrew Bartmess' 'Federation Standard Tri-D Chess Revision 5.0'.  

I'm looking for volunteers to play the beta version and provide feedback on what you think.  If you're interest please check out:



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One of the player moves his piece to keep a check on the king, threatening at the same time to conquer another important piece. The opponent in his next move has to safeguard his king. In this process he is forced to lose one of his major pieces. Lets Play Chess

Lets Play Chess -

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