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YEAR THREE, the long awaited 3rd full length installment from FIVE YEAR MISSION is finally available!


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YEAR THREE is finally here! 

This album includes songs for the episodes:  The Changeling, Mirror Mirror, The Apple, The Doomsday Machine, Catspaw, I Mudd, Metamorphosis, Journey To Babel, Friday's Child, The Deadly Years, Obsession, Wolf In The Fold, The Trouble With Tribbles, Gamesters Of Triskellion, A Piece Of The Action and The Immunity Syndrome

For physical CD copies, you can order directly from the band's website at:

For digital (mp3) copies, you can buy it on iTunes at:

or on Amazon at:

I am a member of the band FIVE YEAR MISSION. We are a group of musicians who's purpose is to write a song for every episode of Star Trek. visit our website at: Http:// you will not be disappointed!

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