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Star Trek Official Guides from Japan


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Report this Dec. 08 2013, 4:47 pm

So I used to be this really big Star Trek fan. I was really really into the books and ended up getting some interesting stuff. In fact at first I did not know Star Trek was a TV series - I had thought it was all books and movies. Imagine my joy at learning about the shows. But after a really bad experience in graduate school things have changed for me (I'll just say, if you are thinking of a school called GTS PM me. I will probably change your mind)

But I have these three books. From Japan. I cannot find them anywhere. No one is selling them. (I am hoping to sell mine but was not sure if this is the place) But I curiousous to hear what people know about them, their value, etc. I know one of them The Ultimate was limited to only 2000 copies..I have number 342. I need a new laptop so if you also know of someone who might be interested I would appreciate that to. They are:

Anyway thanks all. :-)

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