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Thinking about the Universe and Theoretically Proving that Other Universes Exist


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First off I would like to wish everyone an exceptionally Good holiday, however you celebrate.

Being able to link a theory to reality is sometimes quite impossible but the following theory may help expand your mind in understanding the Universe around us.

We all know that our Universe was created by the Big Bang that released alot of energy which eventually formed into planets, suns and us.

We also know that gravity links each celestial body in a Universe in much the same way as brain operates.

In the first image we can see the synapse of the human brain with neurons firing across it that. In the comparison portion of logic the synapse would be much like gravity where both allow the process of sending information either electrical or chemical between two points or in the structure of the Universe allowing humans to travel from one planet to the next.

In our case we are the neuron passing along the synapse of the Universe constantly processing and transmitting information to each other on an infinite measure.

Each planet, moon, asteroid or artifically made object that is able to be studied would be considered the Neural Network of the Universe and functioning the same manner as which the Synapse and Neurons of the human brain does.

Our Universe contains possibly billions of solar systems that like the brain which has 100 billion neurons the process of transmitting and processing information is connected Universally just like the brain processes and passes along information.

Each Universe would therefore be like a single human being walking down the street. But there is not a single human being on planet Earth now is there? No there a few billion human beings on Earth constantly communicating and processing information.

But how can we prove that more than one Universe exists? If we think of our Universe as being a single human being it would be pretty lonely think about humans being the only Universe that existed. So as much as our Universe is a single human brain the entirity of the Universe would function exactly like the human brain. But how would more than one Universe existt you ask?

Enter the blackhole. The blackhole is often thought of as the most destructive celestial body in the Universe much like menigistis or encephalitis is destructive to the human brain. But unlike those two viruses a blackhole that consumes information is really only processing the information it is taking in and then redistributing it elsewhere. I think that a blackhole consumes information and just like the synapse passes the information along to other parts of the Universe where the particles are then combined again to create new Big Bangs.

If you look at the first image again you can image that each strand is the tail of a black hole sending neurons from each Universe into space where they find other neurons to create Big Bangs from. The distance between each cluster in the image above would relate to an appreciable distance that the information from each black hole would have to travel to another Universe where the blackness that is seen would be the entire Universe hundreds of billions in count with hundreds of xtrillions people thinking about the same thing.

Are we alone?

After all Relativity is a constant and since we come from the Universe the constant of how our brain works will prove that the Universe functions in the same manner

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