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Watch Frozen Online Animated comedy-adventure has a sweet and very modern message, plus strong characters. Disney is back in the game with “Frozen.” The movie might not have potential pop hits — the songs sound much more like musical theater show tunes than Miley Cyrus auto-tuned.







Watch Frozen Online Frozen extracts from Hans Christian Andersen's 1845 tale the Nordic setting, some trolls and the basic idea of sub-zero sorcery but gives the powers of wintry transmogrification not to an evil queen, but to the elder of two sisters – blonde, brooding princess Elsa (Idina Menzel), who is born with the ability of turning anything she touches to ice. Her parents, the king and queen of Arendelle, warn her against ever revealing her power, for fear it will be misunderstood.

It's a really good one, too, whose humming industry and multi-pixelated craft come lit by a spark of something close to genuine enchantment.

"Conceal, don't feel," she is taught to recite, thus placing her in a long line of shame-filled spellbinders from Edward Scissorhands to Rogue in Marvel's X-Men, and putting the icing on the cake of any doctoral thesis with the title "Out of the Closet and into the Forest: Hidden Powers And Sublimated Self in the Films of Walt Disney"

It's a throwback to the studio's classic musical adventures from pre-Pixar times, and yet it feels modern because the writing is so fresh and the humor so irreverent.

Loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale The Snow Queen, this movie tells the story of two princess sisters Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) who live in the kingdom of Arendelle.

More important, the movie blends the music-minded mentality of yore with the more recent ambition (thank you, Pixar) of truly appealing to all ages.The story was inspired by “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen, although it bears little resemblance to the fairy tale. “Frozen” follows sisters Elsa and Anna, who are princesses in a Nordic region, Arendelle.

With her secret laid bare for all to see, a devastated Elsa flees into the surrounding mountains, enveloping all of summertime Arendelle in a thick permafrost as she does. Anna gives chase, but proves ill equipped for the rugged and frigid terrain, eventually stumbling upon a small trading post (run by a hulking Swede named Oaken, voiced by “Bolt” co-director Chris Williams) that has wasted no time in jacking up prices on its minimal supply of off-season winter provisions. It’s there that she crosses paths with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), a flaxen-haired ice seller somewhat lacking in social graces (his best, and possibly only, friend is his trusty, sleigh-pulling reindeer, Sven). But with his own bottom line taking a sizable hit from the sudden climate change, he agrees to help Anna search for Elsa in the hope of once again bringing sunshine to the land.

The film's Pixarish virtues are felt most strongly in its mid-section, where Anna, in pursuit of her sister, teams up with a blond, bluff woodsman named Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), his trusty reindeer Sven and a buck-toothed snowman called Olaf (Josh Gad). Frozen, which was co-produced by John Lasseter, rolls up all three, and it's a measure of its narrative grip that the deeper in you get, the more the songs recede to a respectful distance.

After that, Elsa mostly hides in her room for fear of hurting people, and the girls become estranged. And she can sing, too, although not quite as transcendently as Broadway star Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa and has no trouble hitting the high notes in the sometimes cheesy, always soaring soundtrack. Rising star Josh Gad also does memorable voice work as Olaf, the brainless rube of a snowman who’s always wanted to go to the beach.

Kristen Bell, who shot to fame as the spunky detective in “Veronica Mars,” feels like the perfect pick to voice such a character.

Disney's new animated fairytale Frozen has endearing characters, some good-natured comedy, a bunch of show-stopping musical numbers, and gorgeous visuals.

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