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CDR Redex

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Join the USS Tikal!


Want a solid plot line?... want an experienced crew?...  do you want to play on a “Play by NOVA” simming experience?...  would like to serve in a ship that is the last line of defense for the Federation?... then this ship is your ship… Come and Join its former XO on the new adventures…The Uss Tikal is a Nebula class starship set in 2389 post dominion war, we are proud members of Horizon Fleet.


Her mission will not only be to establish federation presence in a hostile environment, but to deal with events outside the regular range of communications… when you can’t just call Starfleet HQ to ask for orders… and every decision you make has real consequences.


Come and be part of this new crew and be the tip of the sword dealing with the Yang Zutal’s Race!!


Open Positions:

Chief Science Officer

Chief Intelligence Officer

Chief Counselor

Chief Engineer


All Junior Positions


If you want more information please visit us on">WEBSITE text


Join us now and play a part in our storyline before someone else takes your favorite position…


Hope to see you around,


Cdr. Charles Redex Sr.

CO, USS Tikal




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I would like the cheif of science position.  I have a nack for some of the science treknology, could you also help me get involved in the Horizon Fleet Wiki.   I already applied on the website, but I was afraid it would refresh the browser and may not have gotten everything in.


I was part of several other roleplays in Horizion in the past.  The character I submitted was from a different organization. It was run at 2413.. I can re-write the bio to show Arcos Darye as a junior officer, or I could alter the timeline and dates of service to an earlier time frame.


I kind of got the boot for adding too much to their wiki without approvel.  I think it was a chain of command thing, but I figured I could learn my lesson by it and apply to help first.  I don't think it was content other than, disagreements with formating... I put non-consistant navigation bars in the wiki...


I felt they were necessary for quick access to shipboard departments... he didn't agree.  Anyways, would like to join in on roleplay reguardless, even if you don't want my help in wiki.



Look forward to chatting with you.


-JGSL (Arcos)


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