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If we have Angry Birds Star Wars, why don't we have Angry Birds Star Trek?


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Just wondering why we only have Angry Birds Star Wars, but not Angry Birds Star Trek?


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I have wondered the same thing. I enjoy Angry Birds, but I'm not really into Star Wars, so I have not bought the Star Wars edition to Angry Birds, but I would love one to Star Trek. All I can think is that Angry Birds is generally more targeted for kids, and it's rare for kids to really get into Star Trek. But a lot of kids get into Star Wars. I'm sure it all comes down to marketing what will sell. Most kids wouldn't care about an Angry Birds Star Trek.


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The same thing was asked when Lego Star Wars came out. The simple answer is, just because Star Wars did it, does not mean that Star Trek must do it.

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Borg pigs would look funny. I think it would be hard to get the enterprise to look like a bird. The bird-of-prey and warbirds from star trek look somewhat like birds however. Wonder what the special effects would be? Photon torpdeo? Warp core breech? phaser

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