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Do Klingon celebrate Thanksgiving?


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Do Klingon celebrate Thanksgiving? 

If so. 

What would a Klingon Thanksgiving be like?


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For every day that Life conquors Death Klingons live in Thanksgiving.

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if they did, it would be loud, agressive and messy

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Sounds like something they would do, well not the "thanking" part, but the eating. I can easily see the Klingons, just as the vikings of old. Having a huge feast were they ate like savages. 

Anyhow it isn't a big tradition really. USA and Canada are the only countries that celebrates it.

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They would sing their victory song and howl for the souls of the turkeys they eat!

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Once there was a D-12 class Bird of Prey with a crew of 18 Klingons bound for Kronos. After a long scouting mission in the alpha quadrant, they were on their voyage home when more than half the crew contracted the Klingon Augmented virus. The captain decided they were to exile themselves and support the empire rogue and any shipmate who thought otherwise would find themselves on the other side of the starboard airlock. After a few disgruntled Klingons stopped pouting they decided to set their heading at random. After a few weeks venturing through the stars they came by what looked like an abandoned freighter so they boarded it only to find a group of Catullans. Even though the Klingons were revolted by the sight of these space hippies they feigned friendship because they were short on resources and we're not familiar with the freighters design. After being reassured the spare plasma coils were compatible, they contemplated pillaging them and leaving the Catullans with nothing but the space pox they brought on board but their stomachs had minds of their own. So they feasted on the flesh of the inferior benevolent beings with a side of gagh and washed it all down with what little blood wine they had left as they sang and fought over the last thigh.

Years later the story had echoed its way through to the Klingon home world. They were revered as heroes and lived forever as the slayers of space hippies. Klingons now commemorate their efforts by eating lesser beings and singing crude limericks about their first thanksgiving.

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Someone would surely die...


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I doubt if they would celebrate it. Can put it this way - On Earth only the USA and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving. That's on its own. Some other places would have it as part of something else.  

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