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After 28 years, Yorktown: A Time To Heal to complete filming. George Takei reprises his role as Sulu.

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Report this Nov. 27 2013, 11:28 pm

Yorktown: A time to heal started filming in Los Angeles in 1985, later moved to Ontario and will be completed in Oklahoma City in December 2013. 

Yorktown: A Time to Heal
In 1985 Director Stan Woo conceived and began to create one of the first Star Trek fan films to be made.  The film was to fill in the gap between the original Star Trek series and the first movie.  George Takei agreed to reprise his role as Hikaru Sulu and was able to film his scenes early in the production process. 

In June of 1987 Starlog Magazine published an article about the upcoming production and fans from around the world anxiously awaited the release of a new Star Trek film, but the release never came.  Production went well while filming the planet scenes and “away missions” but the budget ran out before sets could be built for the Starship scenes. 

Years later, actor/producer John Atkins found Stan Woo on Facebook. A friend request was sent and soon the original Yorktown footage was on its way from Los Angeles to Ontario, Canada. Several other missing scenes were filmed and an expert production crew was formed to blend the original 1985 footage with the new footage that was being filmed. However, the two final scenes still needed a Constitution Class Starship Bridge as seen in the original Star Trek series.

Starbase Studios, Oklahoma City
Starbase Studios is the only Star Trek TOS fan based studio that is available for anyone to create their own fan based productions.  After two months in full operation, the studio has already received multiple filming requests from fans across the U.S. and Canada, and is the answer John Atkins had been looking for.

During the weekend of December 6th-8th, the Ontario-based production will be in Oklahoma City filming the final scenes for Yorktown.  A second film crew from Austin Texas will assist in the shoot.  Atkins admits it will be a tight schedule filming the remaining scenes in only three days but he is confident in his cast, crew and the studio.  A release date, for the film, is set to be December of 2014.

The studio is observing “closed set” status during the filming but producer John Atkins has graciously agreed to allow press to do interviews and photos.

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Starlog Magazine article from June, 1987.

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