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Evidence that Riker had work for Section 31


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Well beside evidnece in Yesterday Enterpise timeline. Riker seem very opposed to send USS Enterpise C back unless she was rearmed. Both the meeting that Pircard had his staff and after USS Enteprise C caption killed.

Riker statment Klingon sould not be so confident after pacing we gave Archer IV suggestion know information Pircard not awere UFP war either go to well Klingons or that 

Last least starship sevice ensign talk about phase cloak device. Riker used term Starfleet intellegnce Star Terk Enteprise these Voyages. In other Star Terk TNG he talk about them sterfleet security. Section 31 would fit into both. In pratice Section 31 does both kinds jobs way put it.

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Well, Star Trek has got its own thoughts. I wonder if you know Rick Berman. He has gained control of thoughts in Star Trek TV series since TNG. Therefore, the topic of humanism or maybe humanitarianism has been stablized and rooted in later plots. So it is quite in order for them to talk more about positive topics. Section 31 and Starfleet Intelligence was first added to the series in TNG - Pegasus. They wanted more elements in the series and they also intended to discuss the topic of people who are serving for intelligence organizations. In TNG - Lower Decks, we saw a Cardassian working for Starfleet Intelligence as a spy in the Cardassian troop. He explained the reason why he 'defected'. There is another similar example: the Romulan Admiral Jarok in TNG - Defector. He loved his race and his homeland. When he got a fake instruction of a plan to invade the Federation from his leaders, he decided to give it away to the Federation because he realized that a war could send the entire empire to death.

In fact, I'm also very interested in Starfleet Intelligence. But, the series are trying to tell the world the price and the value of peace. They have to be more positive. So it is a pity for us that we cannot find much about Section 31. 

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I don't think Riker worked for Section 31, if it even existed when he was on the Pegasus.  I think he just followed his captain, who later engaged in illegal activities, perhaps associated with SI.

But, Riker said that if he had it to do over again, he would have joined the mutineers against Pressman.  I think Riker was too honest to work for SI.

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