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A New Science Show - Dark Universe


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Report this Nov. 26 2013, 2:17 pm


A new planetarium show is set to blow the minds of kids and adults alike.

The American Museum of Natural History's newest show, "Dark Universe," is a 25-minute science lesson narrated by Hayden Planetarium director astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson that explores some of the deepest and most complex mysteries in cosmology today.

"Most shows talk about what we know," Tyson, who also hosts TV's "Cosmos" reboot, told "They're celebrations of discoveries, and this [planetarium show] is a celebration of our ignorance. It's a different kind of challenge … You're walking away from this saying, 'Wow, we are in a state of profound ignorance in our understanding of our place in the universe.' And that's a different message."

We definitely need a new show that discusses the uknowns of space. Talking about the same things that we already know does not provoke interesting and intelligent discussions on what we do not know but rather what someone has already talked about only which is not interesting but rather boring and rather lame.

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