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Star Trek Bullies


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On the day of the broadcast of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor a friend of mine posted this comment. 

 "When I was growing up I would encounter the occasional Star Trek fan who would go "Nyah! Nyah! Doctor Who sucks! Nyah! Nyah!" because I like the show. I never encountered this kind of behavior from any fan of any other science fiction show. I personally always hated the science fiction/comedy show Red Dwarf but I never walked up to any fans of that show and went 'Nyah! Nyah! That show sucks!'"

He added a link to the music video of "
Doctorin' the Tardis".  

My question is, Have you ever been a Star Trek bully?

I'm not only refering to Trekkers who deride others interests in SciFi.
I've gotten attitude from fellow Trekers over favorite series.

Thier are other issues that can come up from this issue but let's begin with some introspection.

Be honest and remember, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.



Keep your hailing frequencies open.


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I don't think it's anyone's intention to be a bully. I think it is more so that Star Trek fans are far more passionate about their show than any other fan group. The reason why nobody from any other scifi show or tv show in general go around acting the way we do, is because well....nobody from these other shows really give a damn one way or another whether anyone likes their show or not. Or whether it's being respected or not. Star Trek is more than just a simple tv show, which is something 95% of tv shows cannot say. I think many Star Trek fans cannot wrap their mind around why you would want to waste your time on another scifi show, when you have Star Trek. Think of it like this, you have two choices, the choice to eat at Ruth's Chris Steak House, or the choice to eat at McDonalds. Why would anybody choose McDonalds? Star Trek is the Ruth's Chris of Scifi. And other scifi is the McDonalds/cheap fast food of Scifi.


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I think that can also be witnessed in trying to "out fan" the fan. When folks act like their knowledge and enjoyment of anything (doesn't have to be sci-fi) puts them in a higher place than other fans.

Folks should just appreciate and enjoy that others can find fun in a similar experience.


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Dr Who is brilliant show, Start Trek is better. 

But, I never went to Dr Who shows and bragged about ST, why would I? I don't see the point of offending anyone anwyay. 

Raise the standards to your level, then raise your standards. :)


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Star Trek fans might feel a sense of superiority because they got there first. Star Trek started in 1966, and Doctor Who -- at least the one Americans know of -- only began in 2005, after all five Trek series were off the air. Doctor Who might look like an upstart. If people are comparing the classic shows, Doctor Who might look like an amateurish low-budget children's series. (Which it sort of was -- a low-budget children's series, that is).

Otherwise, the "nyah nyah" part of your comment suggests that you're talking about small children, who tend to seize on any stupid excuse to belittle others. When I was 11 years old I was a TNG fan, and a boy in my class was a Voyager fan; he insisted that Voyager was the better show because the ship was faster -- or something equally inconsequential. The quality of the special effects was also an issue.

The only fan-bullying I've experienced was from Star Wars fans, who were typically more outspoken about their fandom and a bit dumber about it. "Star Wars is better because lightsabers" was the average argument, I think.

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