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Did they make Janeway too clever?


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Hey guys and gals,

not sure if this has been discussed before, but it's something i've been thinking of lately.

when I think of Voyager I think of it as a very 'motherly' ship - I guess because it's home for so many people and for such a long time period. I also believe this may be due to having a female Captain - Janeway.


one thing I noticed when looking at the other Starfleet Captains, namely Picard, Sisko, Kirk and that unimportant one whose name I've forgotten...  I see them as Commanding Officers and NOT technicians. Picard for example was no engineer and was certainly not a doctor.


In several episodes Janeway proved to be AS competent, if not possibly more so than officers such as B'Elanna, Seven, and even the Doctor. Was there anything she wasn't capable of? I admit, that character feature was part of my attraction towards her and the show itself. It didn't surprise me when they made an Admiral Janeway (supersmart - even more than the borg Queen) go back in time with technology SHE HERSELF HAD DESIGNED! - to save the day. 


with this in mind I can't help wondering would it have been better for the show if they had made her less 'ultra-smart' and more in line with the other Starfleet captains. I pften felt that  voyager's crewmembers overlapped eachother and for this reason characters such as B'Elanna and Harry Kim didn't get enough storylines to make them shine. 


I suppose also that with the arrival of Seven this made things more difficult. And then there was One! 



What do you think?


did they make janeway smarter than the average man so she could match picard and the others? Was it necessary? I would love to see what storylines would have played out had she been less of a brainbox and more materialistic.



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Janeway was too clever at times and too efficient!!Granted she is a great, great captain but they could have let Voyager struggle a little more against their foes and in keeping the ship in good repair. For instance, I wish she did not come up with the clever idea to partner with the Borg in order to defeat Species 8472. She was way too efficient there. Species 8472 was a great alien to be scared to death of. But Janeway and crew managed to not only defeat them in just one episode, Scorpion, but also to become friends with them later and I think all in the same year. That was a huge disappointment. She and B'Leanna Torres were too clever and efficient in keeping their ship in such good repair. Janeway had indeed definitely proved herself as a above average, competent captain.

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