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Remembering JFK The Father of Space Exploration


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JFK brought America out of dark era and into the light when he created NASA. JFK was a visionary and great man indeed whose actions can be compared on a level of that of Alexander the Great who like Alexander paved the way for the world to be united through trade and the joining of empires so that all could live in peace.

But then there were those who only sought to hate JFK like Alexander was hated because such people wanted to keep humanity separate and segregated.

Just like Alexander the Great JFK fought through the adversities and won the day for humanity even though it cost him his life JFK still fought on against all odds and did indeed usher in a new era for humanity that can be seen and felt the world around just like Alexander the Great did for humanity thousands of years of ago.

Both legends of humanities past and a path to travel on for the future.

JFK and eternal living legend that can bee seen and felt with every technological development from the simplest Estes Rocket to most advanced computer components guiding humanity on its journey through space and time.

Every flame that flickers and waves carries the spirit and essence of JFK into our eternal heartbeat with the greatest faith of the heart that has ever beaten.

We have been through the fire and we have been through the rain....but we'll be fine...FAITH OF THE HEART.

No ones gonna bend or break us....

I honored JFK by working straight through the pause today.


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You wrote a beautiful and heartwarming tribute to JFK. He indeed was a visionary who could see beyond the troubles and tribulations of his time.

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