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Some new ship classes to think about


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The first new class of support ship is the Ptolemy Class Support Vessel. The Ptolemy Class Support Vessel would be designed to quickly enter into a fight lock tractor beams onto a damaged vessel and extract it from the combat zone. The Ptolemy would have very heavy duty armor and shields moderate warp drive speed and very high specific impulse engines.

The Ptolemy would have the ability to fit one remote repair emitter forward and one aft. Each repair emitter would be able to repair a ship of all damage at one critical per ten minutes that the emitter is repairing the damaged vessel.

The Ptolemy would also be able to dock with the damaged vessel where damage repair crews would speed the process of repairing the damaged vessel at three criticals every twenty minutes.

The Ptolemy could be commanded by a player or it could be a Reinforcement Call similar to calling for help from the Pirates that assist for 35 seconds and then leave.

Ptolemy as an AI Reinforcement Call would be a base Ptolemy Class Support Vessel with the base repair values. The better Ptolemy Class Cards that you aquire or purchase would increase the repair rate similar to how a Phaser II is better than a Phaser I.

When using the Ptolemy Class Support Class Vessel Card you could call the vessel in once every two hours where the vessel would remain on station with your ship for ten minutes and then return to sector space. The higher the card value means that the Ptolemy would remain on station longer as well.

The Ptolemy II Class Support Vessel would be a superstructured vessel similar to the Avenger Class of Heavy Frigates from Star Trek II of which the Reliant was a member of. And no the class was not a Miranda Class Heavy Frigate either so don't give me any crap about Miranda canon. I just don't want to hear it. The superstructered Ptolemy II Class Support Vessel would have a complement of five Worker Bee Repair drones that would assist the repair emitters of which the Ptolemy II would be fitted with five two on the upper engine support structure two on the lower side of the superstructure and one at the forward dorsal primary hull phaser bank location.

The Ptolemy II would be a super armor and shield tanked support vessel with heavy duty impulse engines that would allow it to tow two Avenger class battlecruisers out of harms way like dragging two unruly children through a mall.

The Ptolemy II would also be able to dock with two Avenger sized class Battlecruisers at once.

The Ptolemy II would have Call In Card where the player could call the support vessel in once every two hours in a six hour time span where it repair the damaged player ship or ally for ten minutes before returning to sector space.

Once the Call In Card had expired in its uses the player would need to purchase another for Zen or Dilithium or from a random Drop Box containing various loot.

The second ship class would be the Hope Class Medical Frigate that would be designed to warp into a combat situation and apply medical treatment to inujured crew as if they were being treated in a Starbase medical facility.

The Medical Frigate would not be able to be commanded by a player but would only be a Call in Card ship where once called in the frigate would apply treatment until all of the crew has been taken care of. The Medical Frigate would be able to be called in once per day and the time of use on the card would be three days once it had been used the first time.

Exploring deep space and the unknowns means that a ship will be far from a starbase for long periods of time so having these two class of vessels at the ready for player will keep them on station far longer.

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