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Help an aspiring trekkie out!


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I've been watching TNG all the way through on Netflix for the first time, and am LOVING it! However, it would seem as of right now that Netflix plans to remove the series on December 1st. Even if I was watching four episodes a day I wouldn't finish the series in time, seeing as I'm about a third of the way through season 3. I've come here to ask if anyone knows another reliable source on which to watch this series, in case this stupid Canadian Netflix follows through with the biggest mistake they'll ever make. 

Thank you in advance! (I hope!)

P.S. for people like me who haven't finished any of the series', try to give an indication of when there are gonna be spoilers, a good number are out of the bag just from skimming these forums.


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Well on this website if you click on the videos tab you will be able to watch every episode of all the Star Trek series for free, or go here,

Happy Trekking

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I thought I posted. Guess it didn't take. I had suggested buying series cuz it paid off in long run. EBay is great. And then ya got em forever. I only started watching 5 years ago cuz I thought it'd bore me. I was wrong. We've watched all movies from all series cpl times, star trek next gen series twice, on voyager 2nd time. It takes us like 6-7 months to watch 7 years worth. Not bad. We don't need pay cable this way. Try it if that's what you're up for. Just a suggestion...



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If you Google "Project Free TV" you'll find an awsome site... Just search "star trek" in TV Shows. That's where i watch them all.

Ps: Some episodes don't work very well, but...


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tbh the best way you csan watch any series and make suer you don't miss a thing is to buy it on DV|D/Bluray really if youlike it that much. I've always subscribedto having them on disc format that way you can watch at your own pace as many times as ytou like and when you like that's whu I'm glad I have it all on DVDalthough I've been getting the bluray sets too

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