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Tone of new Star Trek books very dark


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Does it seem to anyone else that the tone of the more recent Star Trek novels (the story lines that continue TNG, DS9, and VOY in the Prime timeline) seems to be very dark.

I'm one book away from finishing the Typhon Pact, and I have the first two novels of The Fall, and enjoy them very much. However, the universe is very dark and mournful (and given the events that have taken place, no wonder!) I miss some of the light, optimism that is so much Trek to me.


Just seeing if anyone else was feeling the same.


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I know what you mean, and that may be why I haven't read as much of them lately. I have just started reading the first book of  The Fall but am not far. The last Star Trek book that I finished, was the last Voyager one and  it had, some dark, dark moments. There is still a sense of adventure about it as they are back in the Delta Quadrant but the story lines more dark at times. 


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One of the nice things about Star Trek to me is the optimistic view of the future that it presents. But the mass destruction that finds its way into the books is a bit off putting.


In fact, its hard to find any positive sci-fi out there (though I confess I'm not as updated on latest sci-fi news as I once was).


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