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Searching for Life in the Universe


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Report this Nov. 18 2013, 2:09 pm

The article discusses how the Heat Panels direct the sunlight away from Earth and back into space at a specific wavelength.

The panels could be set up to bounce the sunlight that has been converted into infrared wavelengths to an orbital facility orbiting Mars and then converted back into heat to be used by the station.

Another use would be to beam the infrared light to the same orbital facility where the facility would have a step up enhancer array that would be able to transfer the infrared light to facilities in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter where the infrared light would then be converted back into heat for mining and habitation purposes.

The network could even be used to beam infrared light from Mars to the Asteroid Belt to various planets in the Outer Rim where there is less light and less heat.

The secondary part of the facility would involve the Stanford Heat Resistant Panels that create electricity from heat. After the Heat Panels had could sunlight into infrared light and then converted back into heat the heat would be directed towards the Heat Resistant Panels where electricity would then be created.

Electricity that would then be able to be used for facility and mining operations in the Asteroid Belt as well as facilities located in the Outer Rim.


Now based off of the procedure of directing the reflected heat back into space in a specific wavelength would undoubtedly create a beacon for aliens seraching for life as the directed wavelength emanated from the heat panels back into space would not be normal and would therefore attract attention from aliens viewing Earth from a distanct greater than radio signals could travel.

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