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Janeway & Chakotay romance....


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Well, it seems that for many years a lot of VOY fans have wished for a match between the capt'n and her commanding officer.


Let me be honest and say that I NEVER for even a second thought that they were a good match, and for that reason I feel the writers did a good job of keeping that issue away from the main storyline.

Basically, I just don't feel that the captain and chakotay suit one another! I see the captain with someone who is - yes manly - as chakotay is, but i think someone who is more dominant than her. Chakotay came across as being an inferior to the captain and weaker on an emotional level. Now I can see why she went for that lunatic commander in Counterpoint: handsome, confident, fearless, adventurous, and then the Irish hologram - well, they just looked right together!


and this is gonna upset most of you, but I can see Chakotay with a seven-of-nine type of woman - beautiful, feminine and submissive.


it's that simple!


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I thought the inappropriateness of a Captain and First Officer having a romance was part of the appeal. I actually thought that there were a couple of episodes that played off this quite well. The shame of it was, when they pulled back from the romantic angle, Chakotay got a lot less screen time.


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I agree, I never liked the idea of them being a couple. Janeway made it pretty clear on several occasions tha she would not have a relationship with someone under her command


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What about in an different timeline?

Lets make sure history never forgets the name... Enterprise


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I agree that it would have been a bad idea for Janeway and Chakotay to get together. Mostly because of Janeway's clear authority over him based on command structure. She is the captain, and he is not. 

When I saw the season 2 episode 'Resolutions" I was like "Oh gosh, they are so gonna make them get together later". They always seemed to have this atmosphere where they kinda liked each other but never did said anything about it, but later they turned that more into a strong friendship. At first, I thought they were get together. But to my surprise, they did not. Which I was glad for.

I thought that the development of Michael Sullivan was an interesting way to bring in a sort of romance for Janeway without her getting involved with anyone on the ship. And Seven and Chakotay was certainly interesting. I wish we got to see a little bit more of them. 


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