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The 'KES' issue...

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Created by: CommanderSTRONG


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Hi guys,


Ok, so here I am back on the boards after a 5 and a half year break


The first thing I noticed when I rejoined the boards a week or so ago was that there was a post discussion all about Kes, and I was like...'wow, you guys REALLY hate her that much that we're still talking about how crap she was!'

It was kinda funny. Anway, just to get things going I am REALLY interested to know the real reason behind all the 'dislike' of Kes. While some opinions may seem a bit perturbed or extreme, let's try and be as open and honest as possible.

 What is it about Kes/the actress and her story that you just did not appreciate? 


Here's my own opinion:


when I first started watching Voyager, I think it was towards the end of season 3 - then I watched a re-showing of earlier episodes, or somethig like that. Anyway, I never had a problem with the Kes/Neelix storyline, actually I found it to be very good Trek - at least what I knew of back then - and I liked the innocence and the domestic nature of kes and Neelix's relationship. Granted, they werent your typical 'cool' and hunky/sexy characters, but they added a flavour to the show which was underrated I think looking back.


One thing I didn't like was the insects episode - that was gross just because I felt it wasn't necessary - and they were taking her character in a strange direction. Also the way she left Voyager was also weird and too hyper-sensational for my tastes.


I really loved the episode a out the Ocampan ship and Sospiria - I felt it was a good inclusion. Only wish they could have developed that further and maybe see her re-join her own people rather than being some lost kid in the galaxy.


the crazy b-tch episode where she returns and destroys voyager - well, it was great to see Kes again, but also kinda sad. I really don't feel an Ocampan who only lives to age 9 or so would choose to abandon her people and sail across the galaxy. I felt she should have been re-united in some form, as Neelix was. Just my opinion.


ok, so now it's your turn - looking forward to hearing your views.


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I never had an issue with the Kes/Neelix relaitonship.

The character had interesting potential, in the short lifespan. I think it would have been very interesting to see the whole lifespan played out. But that was really the only unique thing about her. She had mental powers, so do a lot of species in Trek.

I think the main problem was that the actress couldn't handle big parts. She was ok if she was Tinkering around in he background. But any scene were sh was a focus or had to something big she was not that great. Example is Warlord. I think she was terrible in that. She reminded me of a little girl playing dress up. The actress herself showed very little interest in expanding her character or learning more about he character, and I think it really shows.


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I've recently started Voyager for the first time, it's on Netflix right now. I'm up to Season 5. I didn't like Kes's character, her telepathic skills and such were just too 'magical' and far-fetched. Also, not sure if it's a charater thing or an actress thing, but she was very difficult to listen to, something about her voice just grated on my nerves, like fingernails on a blackboard. I was honestly happy to see her go, I liked the character of Seven of Nine so much more. 


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I liked Kes. And she filled a very important role in assisting the doctor in sick bay. As for her telepathic skills, I thought they were quite comparable to Tuvok although she is a completely different alien. And she showed kindness and compassion to the patients especially when the EMH was lacking in such bedside manners. The only thing, I didn't like was when she was too quick to telepathically understand Species 8472.  But, of course, that is the writer's fault. If she nor Tuvok could not understood that particular alien, then it would have remained one of the scariest life forms that Voyager had ever encountered. But as soon as she understood that alien and could translate his thoughts then immediately Species 8472 was not quite as scary as when first encountered.Then of course, Janeway came up with a way to  conspire with the Borg to defeat it. That also lessened its terrifying impact. Again, the writers were more at fault than the actresses here.



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I find Kes a great character and I think that Jennifer Lien did an excellent job in portraying the character. She really gave life to the character.

What makes Kes unique is her personality. She's not the usual "female action hero". Instead she uses her wit and smartness to get things the way she wants. In that, she's an excellent contrast and complement to more traditional female Star Trek characters like Janeway, Torres and Seven.

She also personifies the spirit of Star Trek in her wish to learn and explore space.

I don't understand thye criticizm that Jennifer Lien couldn't handle emotional scenes. Just watch episodes like "Cold Fire", "The Swarm", "Tuvix", "Caretaker" and many more. She is brilliant in all of them.

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Kes always seemed like a throw-in to me... While not a bad character, she seemed like something the producers created at the last moment to fill in an empty spot. She would've been best used as a secondary character, someone who appears often, but not regularly, and who could still have episodes based around in order to develop the character and her relations with the primary characters. Kind of like Barclay's role in TNG.

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When Voyager first aired I quite liked her. Now, not so much. But I don't think I dis-like her. I think some comments here have pretty much hit the nail on the head, in that the character was usually just sort of there.

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First post!

My problem with Kes was her character development; she was boring.

She never got quite ironed out and i felt that when the other ocampa showed up (i still get a little thrill over Ambassador Soval in ocampa ears) and gave her direction with the mental abilities thing, it was too late for me to care. She was exellent (both the character and the actress) with regard to her relationship with the doctor, but Picardo is so good he overshadows her. And he was limited to sickbay so that limited that character relationship.

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Kes was a boring character. I think the producers ran out of things to do with her so they took her off the show. She was a curious girl, and loved to learn, but I think that they needed a character like Spock and Data, who were trying to explore humanity from within themselves. Kes just didnt fit the mark, so they brought Seven of Nine in. I think people just forgot about Kes when she left and Seven came on. 


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Kes was a boring character. I think the producers ran out of things to do with her so they took her off the show. She was a curious girl, and loved to learn, but I think that they needed a character like Spock and Data, who were trying to explore humanity from within themselves. Kes just didnt fit the mark, so they brought Seven of Nine in. I think people just forgot about Kes when she left and Seven came on. 


I voted indifferent. And I agree however I always thought that was what the 'Doctor' was all about - the Spock/Data role. In the end Kes was there and when she came back in Fury she was pissed. I never understood that at all. 

With that said I love the episode Before and After!



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Kes was never forgotten. There were campaigns for having her back  up to the last minutes of the series and she isn't forgotten now either.


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Well, as Berman said, they had no idea the doctor would be as versatile and popular as he was.  They develop characters and see what happens; it's sort of a crapshoot.  Kes not being really popular for the run of the series isn't a vote against Jennifer.  Rather, IMO, the character was, ironically, rather limited.  She had the makings of what Richard Beltran referred to as a know-all-see-all character but she just didn't quite click.  She had a sultry voice, big eyes, a positive personality, and a cute figure so she wasn't lacking in looks or appeal but the character was sort of a cul de sac.

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I think the Kes character could have been good for an episode or two, but not as a member of Voyager's crew.  She really didn't contribute all that much, did she?

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It wasn't so much Kes I didn't like, it was Kes and Neelix.  I didn't buy that AT ALL. it made her character difficult to follow and care about since she was almost always in a scene with Neelix, or he was caterwauling about her. 

I must say, I wish that Kes had been a character without the attachment to Neelix, then there would have been no need for Seven of Nine, a screen time chewer of the first order.


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I though Kes was fine as was the actress they just never gave her much to do.

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